Attitude Models


Many Spaniards can now be proud as our Spanish Fashion Conqueror, Javier Cobo, was just discovered a few months ago by Attitude Models´ scouting team.

Since his discovery, Javier has been introduced to the industry and has charmed the cameras with his sensual Mediterranean look.

Javier is 22 years old, was born in Madrid, Spain and is now a citizen of the world as he is delighting the fashion industry with his looks, most recently in Barcelona, and continuing in the rest of Europe and Asia for the next couple of months.

His last photo shoot was done by the well known fashion photographer Marcos Domingo, making Javier a muse for his work.

After dedicating many years to the dance industry, especially that of our all time favorite Spanish Flamenco, Javier has decided to spice up his lives by  sharing his olive skin charms alongside the most trendiest garments.

Javier´s sweet, yet sensual personality makes of him not only a breathtaking image, but an extraordinary guy hard to miss.

This rising star is definitely a definition of Spanish male beauty!

16 March 2012